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Awesome game. Kinda wish that the asses didn't grow along with the breasts or maybe have separate choices for the two. I think most players would prefer having more control over such things. Other than that though the only other thing was that some of the results for the  choices didn't always make sense or hold consistency. Also I'm one of the color-blind people lol so your guide is challenging  :(  I've seen other guides use symbols like * or ! etc. Either way keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next update.


For sure. Originally I planned on having more customizations with the girls, but then I realized how much time it would take to make different combinations, like having the option to choose between no changes, just ass, just boobs, or both would be four renders for each scene. 
Then you add pregnancy and other changes later on and soon it takes four months between updates.

As far as the colors, I like the idea of the symbols. I tried to pick contrasting colors for people that are only missing certain colors on the spectrum. Or I could simply add the descriptions like "early ending" next to the choice to make it even simpler.
Thanks for the comment!


Yeah. Story should take priority. It was just something that I would like to see eventually if you ever have time. I'm looking forward more for pregnancy/corruption anyways.  And I'm all about quality over quantity so no rush.

I really enjoyed the game so far, the story is extremely good and the choices really affect what happens in the game. The only thing that threw me off a bit was how so suddenly we got the watch back without a good reason, maybe I was a bist distracted but I haven't noticed when it got back into my possesion. Also the breast expansion part. No idea how large the breasts of the girls will get in future but there is a lot of talk about stopping the growth and while it does make sense logically since the premise is mostly realistic, part of me really wishes there was at least one ending where the potential future pumpkins wouldn't be potential anymore. Will there be a lot to look forward to in this category?

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There will indeed.
In fact, for the next ending that will be the main focus!

How i have to play it in android? Download both?

Nope! One should work, but if it doesn't, try the other.


Brittany: “You fucked her?”

MC: “Maybe”

Brittany: “What about Grace?”

MC: “Oh definitely her”

Hands down the funniest convo I’ve seen in a long time


is there any official date when the new update of hypnosis will be released?


It's looking like January 19th

How to end up with Leah? Is there a path for that?

Not yet, but there will be in future updates.


my computers says it may harm my computer if I open the file you now if there is any viruses


Virus free since '93!

I can't download both android file at the end it says forbidden and download failed

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download in f95

Will there be Beth and will it be impacted by the No Jealousy thing?

We'll see more of Beth in the next update, but it won't be affected by whether or not Ashley is jealous.
So Ashley will respond the same way if you hook up with her mom regardless of whether she is jealous or not.

Hey Dev !!!! Any special release for Christmas ☃️🎄....


Hey, I absolutely love this game. But I have one issue that I find breaking my immersion. After all the stuff that happened with Laura, why do the mc and the other girls still keep telling other people about the watch like it's nothing. Why aren't they more careful about with who they talk about the watch? I mean when they told Beth about it, I was kinda shocked but figured they told her cause she's Haley's mom and they didn't wanna keep her in the dark or something. But even that was a stretch for me. What was the thought process behind it? Why aren't we given any reason as to why they did that? But later on, somehow the hot bartender also knows about the watch and they talk about its uses like it's nothing new. And the new neighbour too, I didn't go  through the path that is required for meeting her, but I did see the scene when there was an option whether to see it or not. And he tells her about it as well??? What the heck is going on here? Why aren't they being more careful. This is seriously something I cannot understand!!!! Please do enlighten me, Oh great EXPANDING UNIVERSE.

This just might be the best critique of the game yet... because I don't have an answer.
Those examples probably should be optional, now that you mention it.


If you do decide to do that, I hope I haven't increased your workload too much with this comment.😅 And I noticed this because I was playing on "badass/evil" path. And it didn't seem in character for mc to talk about his watch so carelessly. Maybe on the "good" path it won't be so out of character. But yeah, on my playthrough, it did seem jarring.

Hope you can find a way to make this decision seem more reasonable/believable and give some kind of inner thought process, even if u do end up making this an optional choice.

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Hello, I played you game, and I have see it ask some time if we want the girls pregnant, of course I say yes to the big belly, and they say they are not ready for it, but we can cum as many time as we want in them until they look pregnant. So, it may be because I am older than the player (remembered, 3 years older than Beth's dauther), or I can take time to think of it, but if they just don't want the kid now, we can hipnos thei body to look pregnant, and maybe milk comming out of theyr boob too, every day ? (If it is not to much work)

Well, I wasn't here only for pregnant or big boob, like Haley when we stay with laura, or nippel modification to be able to fuck it, I was here to ask futa, so I...
Shit, I wanted to tell you that more softly, like telling you the girls was cute, the story was good, with optional fetiche, mostly boobs, pregnant, but also Yuri (leah and Ashley) and like that, ask for futa/Trap. Oh well, too late to not ask now, so would it be possible to add it ? By hipnos, either: to have a bigger clit on a girl, or change a man into a more girl-looking, and growing a bit the chest.

And for sciences, at "evil" or selfish paths, to know better who the pocket wacht work, and also if you want to make it a bit fantesy, trying hipnos a cat, a dog, fish, bird... to see if you can give them a human body. (Could be funny, the situation, and what you would make them look like).

And like he/she say, first date with grace, I acted like a gentleman (didn't take the BJ), go to Jenn and not to the bar, and stayed on the couch, and not got to ashley bedroom. But they still act like we have did it. Seem like my choise didn't change anything. And by the way, Beth isn't ashley's mom, and not haley's ?

What is the difference between android 1 and 2?

Compatibility. Same game, but some devices play one vs. the other better. Basically, if the first one doesn't work, try the second one. Cheers!

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will there be more updates to this game?
and when if yes :)  

Yep! The new update is available for $5+ patrons now on Patreon, and it will drop here on Christmas Eve.

awesome ill head over to patron now   thanks

But where is the update now QwQ


Started strong, exquisite writing, beautiful art, great characters, light and friendly just what I want from VN's. Ended in a train wreck. what makes it so much worse is how amazing the writing was right up to that point.


At the pool party, a character that wasn't nearly as "screw loose" in my play through as the narrator makes it seem does something unforgivable. Not only do we not have the power to correct it, but she was evil mastermind enough to put in safeguards. After that I started skipping ahead looking for any resolution, where I could finally reverse the awful and unknown things she did and protect others from her evil. 

Spoiler: just stop, it doesn't happen. The narrator/ creator admits that this turn was much darker than they intended and pissed people off, but the game still doesn't tie up the story thread at all. As far as I can tell, your friends remain with unresolved and unknown commands, and the villain remains at large.

It literally killed any interest in the rest of the story for me. I'd say you'd have to rewrite a bunch to get it back on track to the light and fun romp it was before, but it would be 3+ chapters of editing just to fix it, and I doubt that will happen.

At least put a warning in the announcers first intro about "btw this game takes a seriously dark turn around the pool party, stop at that point if you aren't into that, we won't be resolving that story thread" 


**Tried to be spoiler free but still read at own risk**

See, I disagree with all of the hate. The character's 'flip' wasn't that much of a surprise to me. In fact it seemed rather obvious considering all the hints that were dropped. Then again, I've dealt with unhealthy obsessive people in the past. So maybe I saw it coming from past experience. Again though, I also disagree that it kills anything. If anything, this makes me want to finish the story even more. Having an antagonist who uses the 'heroes' own power against them is a good plot device and makes the 'hero' rethink their own use of their power and if they've abused it or not as well.

Yes, this is a  'pron' game and what not, but it's still also very much an interactive story. And stories need antagonist, twists, turns, and character development to be successful and this, well, this is a good story. Even the cliff hanger and being unresolved (for now) is good because you know something is coming and there will be a conclusion and depending on your choices, well, it could be good or it could be dark as hell.

Personally I look forward to it, and I feel bad that the author gets as much crap as they do for it. Yes, 2020 has been shit and we could all use an easy win, but c'mon. The story is great. I'd read it even without the porn.

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Im not saying this even makes it a bad game, but the tonal shift is so sudden and imense it's like reading a my little pony novel and suddenly slender Man is hunting them through the forests. It could still be a good story, but you should know what you're getting into at the beginning. "Acting lessons" was another vn I would have noped out of if I'd have known the themes and direction it would end up going with.

Maybe I missed a warning somewhere, but it really ruined my personal enjoyment at least, I'm glad it didn't yours ☺️


Maybe I went a different route than you did. But there were many hints dropped. Even when you first meet her. Then you're told information about her back in school. You get to see personality shifts in a certain character when not around her which contradicts what she tried to tell you about bullying. It was very much built up too from the start, at least in my opinion.

 I'm sorry it ruined your experience. If it makes you feel better you seem to be in the majority there. I'm in the minority who actually enjoyed the shift and looked forward to more of a confrontation, which seems to have been put on hold. So I'm looking forward to it in the future!


After reading the chapter 11-12 intermission I have to say I really appreciated the drama and danger. Sure it was a bit intense, but I've played much darker. I agree that with this 2020 summer I can understand wanting to dial it back though. Still, good job! I felt a bit betrayed to have the MC face some level of consequences after the chill opening, but it got me very invested. I especially appreciate the plot device of the watch only having strong trance-like effects after multiple uses, but the MC and important characters are all included in that. (On that note I feel the use on the bartender was a bit plot-holey) I look forward to seeing how it ends!

I have questions about relationship with 5 main girl I was trying to date 1 leaving 4 out but this game still make you go with other 4 is there any way make relationship without doing harem scene?

You will have the option to end up with each of the girls individually, but most of those endings will be in future updates. So far the only endings available are with Laura, Grace, Brittany or a very short with Leah.

So, I don't know if it's known or not but I found a strange loop. I have been as rejecting of Laura as possible to test things, but I was also hooking up with Grace. 

**Light Spoilers. Maybe** For some reason the story forces me to be intimate and kind of caring towards Laura during the scene where the three of you are at Laura's house. I don't get a choice to go with Grace, and after time with Grace in the hot tub I'm forced to go check on Laura and, well, you know. Despite not enjoying the date and being as cold to her as possible.

Thanks! I'll look into it.

Thanks for looking into it! I can try to go back to an earlier save and recreate the scene and give you the save file if you want. But like I said, I basically was 'nice' to my 'enemy' and as cold to Laura as I could be and it still forced me into two scenes with her so far.

Can someone tell me how to download the android app cause not installing on my phone 

The two common problems are whether the settings to install unknown apps are on, and, assuming it is, that version might not work with your device and you could try the other one.

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Ty I think fix problem 1st app android probably wasn't good with  android 10  second  app I tried seem to work


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I was in the party section and "Without Me" by Eminem started playing on my phone. Best Experience EVER

Edit: How I Met Your Mother was mentioned.

12/10 would play again.

Love it. The only thing I'd liked to see is an option to romance Leah without having to romance Ashley, or at least breaking things off with Ashley once you get Cory's permission to date Leah.

it needs sounds

i really like the game a Lot, but when is chapter 12 gonna be available?

I have a bit of a problem in Episode 5 after I started replaying it. When Ashley and Leah ask if I want their boobs to keep growing or not, I went for the grow option. Yet they still went we want to keep them as they are, and when asked if the PC has any objections I dont know if I should have other choices to object but there was none so I had to go along hypnotizing them to keep them the same size.

All I have to say is OMG!

Phenomenal, thank you!

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Game was good until the whole mindrape after pool party.

And why even give us choices if game just ignores what we choose?


fun. I do dislike how the current build railroads you after the watch is recovered. I wish we could avoid how the stuff with the thief plays out in 0.8.2... lol... it is a good turnabout for the overall plot theme but I felt like I needed a rescue that never happened before the end. Thanks for the great game tho. Keep at it.

Deleted 2 years ago

The two versions exist based on each one only working on certain devices, but both contain the full game.

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How do you get the ending where you have s'x with Haley?

Check out the walkthrough

I still cant get the scene. I did everything the walkthrough said to get it.

es una joya


I really like this game I was anxious to see the end of the history.

Thank you for create this game.


I haven't played the game but if the type of hypnoses is what I think it is how can there be any kind of consensual shit when you are changing shit in their heads. I personally like rape games though that is beside the point with a game called hypnosis you would expect to be shattering and rearranging their personalities. correct me if I misunderstood anything.


The game isn't about changing the girl's minds against their will. Instead, the girls ask you to change things about them. Most of the changes are directed at the body, like faster metabolism or more curves.
Although one of the girls hooks up with you without your consent, if that's your thing! Haha

Hey, is it just me or are Haley's freckles green? Not to criticize but I found that a bit odd.

In any case, love the game! You definitely grabbed me after Episode 8. Keep it up!

Hey , i can't install it on my phone (android)

Is there a route for leah by herself?

Not currently. There will be multiple endings where you can choose to end up with each girl individually down the road.


I'm big fan of breast-expansion content, but I noticed, that the tag does not work on

can someone explain why is that

Whats the difference in android ver 1 & 2?

The game itself is the same, but the apps are slightly different to accommodate different devices.

the references are to much. i love them

Great concept, lack of exposition  kinda brings it down for me.


Not too short, the girls are all hot, interesting story. Good work man! Keep it up.

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