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You move in with your best friend and his family under one condition:
That you don't hook up with your friend's cute little sister Leah who seems to have a crush on you.

Play as the protagonist that discovers his pocket watch can cause physical changes. Start with good intentions. but temptation to use the watch for selfish reasons becomes more appealing as the story progresses.

There are five girls with storylines to explore romantically, each with additional friends to introduce you to.

The Girls:

Your best friend's little sister that he is very protective over. How good are you at saying no?

Leah's best friend. Leah set you up at first but later seems to regret being your wing man.

A girl from your past you don't have fond memories of. Has she turned a new leaf?

Laura's best friend will refer to you as her enemy or her boyfriend, depending on your choices.

The other girls are mean to Jenn. You decide if you want to help her or take advantage of her submissive nature.

Each of the five girls will introduce you to a new girl. There will be:

Leah's twin sister that was adopted when she was younger.
Grace's foreign exchange student friend.
Laura's older sister who is engaged.
Jenn's best friend.
Ashley's Mom.

What to expect in the game:
School girls, dating, virgins, girl on girl, harem, breast expansion, lactation, pregnancy.

What not to expect:
You won't find NTR, anyone under the age of 18, incest or anything non-consensual.

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only get to see Leah mega sized in the broken watch ending, was hoping to see Ash mega sized LOL also was so damn sad for Jenn there


Excellent game!  Definitely recommended. 


Loving the game, can't wait for the next main update, whenever it will be


There needs to be a "spend the rest of my life torturing Laura just shy of death" option because holy fuck, I've never hated a "love interest" more than I hate her. Irredeemably awful. 


pls update this game it is amazin


The latest update is the Hypnosis Holiday Special and it's available now


I love the game but when does the next big update come out. You updated endowed 74 dayse ago. But havent touched Hypnosis since july,1,2022. I dont mean to sound mean or like im being an ass about it, you might have a lot on your plate for all i know. I am just wondering where the story goes from here after the broken watch ending. Sorry if i sounded like a complete jackass


i love the game and i hope you will continue it. 

its an amazing take that world and i love i

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The Game is great but can we please get an option where laura doesn't fuck everything up I'd like a happy ending where the girls are actually happy with each other and it seems kinda hypocritical that they are all you can't sleep around at all when they clearly harbor desire for each other so adding more wouldn't really be much of a problem as long as they are included in the choices of who you add that whole you can be with me and her but no one else only applies in smaller groups and that went out the window as an option the moment things went past having 3 in a relationship together.... Yes I know stds are a thing but I find their fear of them to be kinda irrational they could play the more intelligent route and scout the potential ladies out beforehand and give the MC the go ahead later or a no go outright and give a valid reason for it like Ashley not wanting to fuck the same guy as her mother if you really want to exclude incest because that's pretty much where that would end up if things went that way so its understandable to exclude it if you don't want that in the story but then why give us the option at all to have sex with her mom beyond that it be simpler to just have other girls like the sister where its definitely hard no because I never saw an option to even try and that's the way it should be for Ashley s mom.... As for the women across the hall the MC has the option to fuck her before the exclusivity agreement comes up so she really needs an option where she is included as the girls knew about her before the agreement was made I believe there is some dialogue about her before the scene in the gym with the girls where they try to fix their ever-growing boob issues which should have been fixed long before that I'm sorry but that should have become an option the moment the MC found out about it..... I know some people like real consequences but some of these are not well thought out considering the main theme is to make a harem and then the girls start imposing limits on size of said harem when the girls start feeling jealous of the others which means they wouldn't be a good fit for a harem anyway.... The MC seems to have an enormous capacity to love yet is limited by the restrictions the girls place on him which I understand to some extent but in a way the girls are also responsible for making him that way I mean they made his cum additive and if they really didn't want him to be with other girls then why keep pointing out girls for him to date which all the girls except the last one Haily are responsible for so them playing the jealousy card is kinda hypocritical when they wanted him to to begin with my conclusion is y'all need to pick harem sim or a dating SIM where you can only get one girl or in the case of Leah and Ashley two girls only and exclude the rest.... The story of this game gets in its own way its a good game but it needs a better idea of what it is... Is the goal to be a harem game or to be a limited dating sim game because you can't really do both very well in the same game without massively changing the character of the women the MC has as options basically you can't get the harem without changing the overall personality traits the girls have that make them who they are and by doing so making the MC just as bad as Lauren in which case I'd say good game if it's an option but it's not be an option id like to choose regularly..... Edit okay found the super harem ending not finished which is disappointing especially because it can only be done by letting Laura win basically seriously why can't I just not have any relations with her at all I like all the characters but her 

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I agree with this fella. I don't like how you're forced to interact with girls in general. You should be able to refuse them and remove them from being able to be sexed and stuff. I got the super harem ending and found it kinda disappointing you can't just clock Laura upside the head.


Oh yeah and making it so if you ignore all the other girls completely(not even sex or anything) it won't say you have. The pool party thing doesn't make sense with dialogue unless you do fuck more than two girls at it.


I actually kinda wish you could refuse to go I mean why I hate the girl who's house the party is at so build a different route where they have their own private party instead it'd be nice to have different things happen for the different choices in the game its why I kinda wish Laura could be straight up shut out of progression all the other girls are okay but Laura is straight up mean why can't the MC fix that before she goes totally bitch mode and steal the pocket watch and proceed to prove how bad of a character she actually is. I mean she is the creepy stalker type girl that is extremely toxic and 1D I'm surprised you don't find a shrine built to her love of the MC when you're looking for the watch.... Just no bad vibes all around wish I could avoid at all costs 

Is this game complete?


Absolutely excellent game. Have only played part way through but am at least several hours in and look forward to exploring the different paths.

im not getting any audio in the game is there suppose to be any?

(1 edit) (+1)

... Eh.
Watch is just so cool, the mind and soul will listen to anyones command if the look at it too long lol. Tad too distracting XD


Will the broken watch ending be continued? The Dev log says ending complete but it left on that cliffhanger with Aera but most of all after a month passed I need to know how Hayley looks, especially because she was trying to be the biggest and was already huge before the month passed. If Leah was that big then I can only imagine what Hayley looks like


Please no... It's finally over and we can get to the rest of the game. Don't temp the dev like this.


They already tempted us with this. Especially with the explicit admission that that's what's happening and the time skip and cliff hanger. That's the worst way to leave it, no conclusion and eluding to what we are all waiting for


The cliffhangers, like Aera's admission and Jenn's struggle, are meant to be resolved in the main game. The girls at the end are as big as I could make them, but there's a fanfic by Fantasy1290 where the story continues in four parts here.

It dawned on me very recently that if the girls are going to have gigantic boobs then the protagonist would probably want a much longer cock... Particularly if they were to kneel in front of him...only to realize that they couldn't get as close because of their "mountains of flesh" (and obviously going back to smaller boobs is out of the question), so it's only fair for the guy to do his share (especially since they're all into the "bigger is better" mantra)... :) I trust they'd get used to it--Laura did... ^^


I was wondering what became of mc hypnotizing Grace to get wet from thinking of him. 

The only thing I noticed is that she is always blushing but not really anything more after the scene in the empty classroom.

So I guess she likes it then to be horny all the time after getting used to it? 

I'd love to explore that a bit more like how she manages and maybe she even develops a fetish for it and secretly wants to leave a puddle of goo wherever she goes. 


Haha I like it.


Anal sex?


This whole broken watch ending has made me realize there is such a thing as too-big of tits. :-O

I liked it back when you start... partly because of the expansion and partly because of the power exchange.

I hope the normal endings include a MWUAHAHAHA take over the world sort of harem ending. :-D


Yeah, the broken watch ending was originally called "the breast expansion ending" and was voted as the first ending by patrons. It ended up being a lot bigger (insert pun here) than I originally intended, and I plan on keeping the endings a lot more contained in the future.

But there will be a lot of fun ones.

*thumbs up*


a question but at one point in the broken watch branch feeding was mentioned, will there be any future content around that and possibly weight gain?

i've only encountered this gem recently so I don't know much about your plans with it going forward.

Yeah the feeding scenes were definitely intentional, although they've generally been geared toward the chestal (breastal?) region as opposed to general weight gain.
I've been debating giving one of the girls her own ending with a little WG, maybe Grace?

Meanwhile, I do plan to have the option for WG with a character in Endowed who will be introduced in the next update.


I, for one, wouldn't mind some weight gain aspects, especially if it adds some balance to the legs: often, female characters are depicted with skinny lower legs...and "topped" with fat thighs and big asses... Something I've never really been a big fan of... Also, I quite like a bit of a muffin top and/or chubby tummy. Heck, huge boobs on a chubby body would look more believable... (In any case, I definitely followed the game's storyline where all girls are to end up with massive chests, regardless of body size.)


I agree though my tastes tend to go beyond chubby I admit, too bad there isn't an equivalent of hypnosis for fellow lovers of soft and plush things, a VN of such quality would be wonderfu

I assume you've played The Weighting Game?

(1 edit)

Other than the girl sneaking into your your room is there more pregnancy in the game yet? Reading over the walkthrough at the end it reads, "   To avoid pregnancy with the girls, simply tell them you don’t want them to get pregnant". I haven't had an option to say yes or no yet and i'm at episde 14 i think, where Leah's twin comes to visit. Do i get the option to say yes to pregnancy later on?


At the beginning of Episode Seven you drop Leah off at school and she asks what your thoughts are finding the pregnancy test. If you choose "Disaster" it turns off pregnancy content (mostly) but if you choose "Turn on" it turns it on and carries over to the others.

(6 edits)

Dang it, I'm going to have to start over. I can't remember my choice. If I had picked turn on would a pregnancy shown up by now where I'm at in the story? 

One other question if possible. In the gym scene where the 5 girls ask who you've slept with I auto answered Daphne, rachael, brittinay, and tiffany. When I restart the game, if I avoid those girls, does the scene go any different/ better? They were giving me a hard time about sleeping around with so many girls they didn't know about

So the pregnancy so far is more talked about than shown, and is mostly contained to endings currently. The Broken Watch Branch, for example, takes place months in the future so we're able to see more changes.

The girls will give you crap for hooking up with so many of them regardless.

Deleted 267 days ago
(1 edit)

Looking in my save file with a save editor and i see, preg (1), defaults set jennpreg (1), defaults set preg (1), and jennpreg (1). Does that mean i did choose the "turn on" choice when leah was talking to me and it is turned on? I think 0 is off

I believe so!

(2 edits)

Hello dear Dev i dont kno if this will reach u but i am really loving this game  alot and i dont kno if i have a right to suggest or if this has been said before but i was gonna ask if its possible to do the other end of the big dick ending  i dont mean smaller or anything but like hypnotising him to start making and cumming gallons .    Also side  just curious if u also have a public discord channel or if just a  subscriber one?


Ha, so call it the big ball ending?
As far as Discord, yeah, I only have the one linked to Patreon/SubscribeStar.
Glad you're enjoying the game!

lol it sounds fantastic.

This seems to crash at a few specific points. I'm not sure if it's because I'm on Windows 11 or if it's just the game itself.

That's no good. Do you know which episode it happened in?


God, I don't wanna finish this. I might cry. 

This game is too good, seriously. Thank you.

Hey Yolanda. 

Question: Is the game animated?


Glad you like it!


Hailey FTW! :D


there is news


bonjour, commen on sais que les filles sont enceinte ou non ? Et commen on fait pour quelle le devienne ? Merci de la réponse


Seules quatre filles se sont présentées enceintes dans cette branche, mais d'autres y arriveront dans les futures mises à jour.


How are things coming along?


What is the difference between the two available android downloads?

(1 edit) (+1)

Entirely possible I pushed a wrong button somewhere, but my playthrough branches off from the walkthrough at episode six. A couple of the choices in the walkthrough don't appear (the only choice I saw was the second one), while the game itself seems to proceed as though I had chosen Grace at those points. Then I hit chapter seven and the choices to have extra scenes with Brittany, Haley, and Rachel never appeared. Wondering if there's something going on over on the coding end or if I just oopsed somewhere.

Edit: I answered my own question. Didn't hang out with some combination of the three girls enough.


Where can I find the walkthrough for this game? Because I played through all the endings but never had a chance to do anything with Laura's older sister Brittany.


At the end of Kassie's tutorial, there's a hyperlink for you to check out the walkthrough for the game.


I’m not sure if this is a bug, a platform- or device-specific problem, or an issue with one path merging back into the main storyline.

Spoilers ahead, so be warned!

I am at the point where we at least believe Laura has the watch. Leah, Ashley, and the MC had a short visit to check out Uncle Ken’s place, and we’ve gone back to Ashley’s home. I chose to fill Ashley’s Mom in on key details.

We got a call from Brittany. The MC met her in the bar, in hopes of getting info on Laura, who has apparently taken off for a two-week+ trip to Europe with her mom. Brittany hoped I brought the watch with me; I explain that Laura has it. I go to get drink refills, and …

I have the option to hypnotize the bartender! With the watch I didn’t have two paragraphs back!

Any idea if it’s possible to follow the path of the story I was on? Or, if I’ve been jumped to an alternate path, where that picked up?


Huh. Sounds like a missed label somewhere.
Normally, you have to choose between dating Hottie Bartender or Tiffany the neighbor, but if you can manage to date both, take advantage! That is, assuming it doesn't give you an error down the road
I'll try to fix it next update though. Thanks for the report!

Dude it's been 4 months and you haven't finished the broken Watch Path yet


Hope you were more productive during that time.

Dont get me wrong i love your game especially the broken Watch path, its just that it's been a while since the last update.  Anyway, keep It up nan

(1 edit) (+1)

Damnit, You have given me the most difficult choice, I love Haleys face, She is absolutely adorable! But also Grace, I feel like she'd actually be one of the lads, yknow? Fuckin hell anyway now I hate you forever and I'm gonna whack your pee pee if you have one, ok? Hope you don't mind! oh, and good game, It's interesting at every turn! I give it... Two dildo throws outta 3 good shit

Addenium: Oh, and nice building, love em to bits! Real jealous of your skills! Its difficult to master


I don't get any music or sound past the main menu, anyone know how to fix that?

That's it, after the intro there isn't any audio


Says there is no non consensual things 

game literally called hypnosis...

i'll just assume it was either 

1. avoiding any issues from itchio

2.there isn't any actual hypnosis (which would be cool)

3. they lied


imagine judging without even playing the game


It is a sex game called "Hypnosis",

non-consent is usually the big draw of mind control


It's been a few months since I played through the game, but there are no direct commands given during the hypnosis at all. The hypnosis scenes are suggestions rather than commands: "Your boobs will grow bigger", "You will be more accepting of same sex relationships", or "You are in love with me".

The effects are not instant, there is no forced-sex hypnosis ("You will fuck me"), and all hypnosis scenes generally last only for 3-4 lines max before the girls (or MC) snap out of it.

Honestly, this story could have the plot device be anything and little would change, though one recurring plot point is the hypnosis effects are unknown to the person being hypnotized.

(3 edits) (+4)(-2)

Itch doesn't actually care, which is cool of them.

The game isn't really about mind control, and that's why I mention the lack of nonconsensual content so people don't come in expecting it and leaving disappointed. People like you, apparently.

The game is about a guy realizing his pocket watch makes him capable of using hypnosis to grant the wishes of the girls in his life. They ask to quit smoking, and he offers that. As a side effect, they develop an oral fixation and decide to use it as a way of thanking him.

I suppose I could have named the game, "Oral Fixation" but then you might be bitching about the game not having any dentistry in it.

But yeah, don't call a dev a liar when you haven't played their game. I don't know much about you, so I wouldn't come to your work and say, "Taco Bell isn't real Mexican food! This burrito is fake!" and throw it on the floor without trying it.

You probably put a lot of work into making it.


It's been more then 40 days since the update came out. Where is the free release?


Any sign of the update?


When will the update come out for free? Really been waiting up on this one


I am also eagerly waiting for it.

It has been 30 days or more since that post!


Loving the content from this game!  

I did see that the most recent version of the game released over 30 days ago on Patreon, any signs of the public release?


I love a game where you can just be a really good guy. Might be fake but its reassuring to know that I'm not some kind of demonic being in disguise. The sexy stuff is just a bonus.

Hello, is someone know what software does this game use to make the Picture? Is it Honey Select? Please do tell me.

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