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When you move in with your best friend, he gives you one condition:
Don't hook up with his cute little sister who has a crush on you.

Play as the protagonist that discovers his pocket watch can cause physical changes and make the girls in his life more attractive. 

Start with good intentions. but temptation to use the watch for selfish reasons becomes more appealing as the story progresses.

There are five girls with storylines to explore romantically, each with additional friends to introduce you to.

The Girls:


Your best friend's little sister that he is very protective over.
How good are you at saying no?


Leah's best friend. Leah helps at first but later seems to regret being your wingman.


A girl from your past you don't have fond memories of. Has she turned a new leaf?


Laura's best friend. Choose between being her enemy or her boyfriend.


When the other girls are mean to Jenn, decide if you want to help her or take advantage of her submissive nature.

Each of the five girls will introduce you to a new girl.
There will be:

Leah's twin sister that was adopted when she was younger.
Grace's foreign exchange student friend.
Laura's older sister who is engaged.
Jenn's best friend.
Ashley's Mom.

What to expect in the game:
School girls, dating, virgins, girl on girl, harem, breast expansion, lactation, pregnancy.

What not to expect:
You won't find NTR, anyone under the age of 18, incest or anything non-consensual.

Find us on Patreon for early releases on the latest updates.


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Hypnosis-BrokenWatchBranch-v1.2a-PC.zip 2 GB
Hypnosis-BrokenWatchBranch-v1.2a-Mac 2 GB
Hypnosis-BrokenWatchBranch-v1.2a-Android 1 GB

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How would you go about updating the game when a patch drops?

Hope you're doing well, still looking forward to the update.


ive played 10 hours and holy shit, this game is amazing and addictive. if you value your sleep pattern only play this when you have tons of free time!

Deleted 7 days ago

Hey, you leave Cory alone, he has a couple momentary issues but he is best bro.


Fine. He can have Grace. 


Now you're just talking nonsense. XD

There's just no pleasing some people 


So when will public release of the new update be?


cant wait for the next update release i hope its soon but no rush dude your awesome keep it u


Excellent game, totally recommended and I loved the tribute to Chris

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Amazing game! is the end of the broken watch path (v1.2a) the last we will see of the really big breast expansion? Or will that continue in future updates? Hope there's more of where that came from!


will we be getting an update soon?

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The latest game update just came out on Patreon, and I'll also be releasing an early release/premium version here with bonus content.


Well, this is the first game I've really felt the need to comment on.  What a ride.  There was far more here than I expected.  The choices presented were meaningful, the changes in the ladies and their attitudes well presented.  The writing is very good, with only a few minor continuity errors that I was too engaged in the story to mind.

Truly the best erotic visual novel I have experienced on the site.  Looking forward to any updates and expansions!


Hey, thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated.

What does "Broken Watch Branch" mean in the download files?

That's the new content for the update, although it still contains the full game.

Android version user here, is there supposed to be any sounds or music in it? Because ive played all the way through to Chapter 14 and didnt hear any sound or music.

That's correct, the game doesn't have any audio.


when is the game updating again?


Any chance of weight gain? Or ass expansion?


Depends on the definition, I suppose?
The girls gain a lot of weight over the course of the game, but it ends up mostly in their bras and jeans as opposed to their bellies.


fair enough I suppose. I haven't noticed much lower body expansion but maybe I'm just blind?


Depends on the girl. Only Leah, Laura and Haley request it. This changes at the end of Episode 13.


Whew!  What a game!  It's honestly amazing that this completely free--I absolutely adore this game.  The characters are not only sexy, but genuinely fun and interesting,  and I was so quickly swept up in the narrative that I can't stop coming back for more.  The writing is compelling, the animations are fantastic, and I sincerely hope you plan to finish it because I can't wait to see the rest of the story!  Cheers to you, DemonMaster.

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you're enjoying it.

Every word of it true!  I must ask if you would allow me, you used Daz to create the character models right?  Did you build all the clothing meshes yourself?

The game uses HoneySelect for the modeling. I wish I could claim credit for the clothing, but that is beyond my expertise.


Oh gotcha!  Forgive my assumption.  Either way it is some truly fabulous work on your part!


I see information on some sites that this game has the 1.4.1 update, is it fake or true?


The latest version for early release on Patreon for the $5 tier is 1.4.2, although I'm still working on finishing up Episode 14 which will likely be 1.4.3 with more scenes to be complete.


when will the next public release be of this and Endowed?


The next month or two for Hypnosis, several more months for Endowed.
I also plan to come out with an early release version here on Itch for people who don't like using Patreon.


Any news on the early release stuff? Wouldn't mind parting with some cash.


I'm still polishing up the full update for Episode 14, but once it's done and tested I'll put up an early release version.

Any chance for a "buy once" option for continued early access?


Yep! That's the plan.


I also had no sound. Having said that, this is hands down one of my favorite AVNs. Will you be doing more work on it?


Glad to hear it! And yes, the majority of my time goes into the game.


So for some reason this AVN has no sound for me

Yep, there is no audio in this visual novel. I asked my patrons in a poll if they were interested in it, and the majority said they didn't care.


Okay not bad but id like to see a version of the broken watch ending where the watch stays intact... Like a true harem ending where everyone is happy and doesnt care about the MCs sex with other girls... I mean it makes sense to have one when laura commands them all to obey the mc then they technically have to... Id also like a version built where the mc and crew win and laura is forgotten about or maybe the mc gets wise to her bs early and actually uses the watch to force her to be a better person


wait so has the game been updated?


no, just the page content.


Yeah the newist version released on the patreon today.

Which characters have complete paths? I haven't played in a while, sorry for asking. 

There a few different endings now, so I guess it depends on your preferred ending. But there will be several more individual and group endings going forward.


Is there ingame way to make them bewbs to stop growing?


Not in the main story itself. I originally planned to offer different sizes, but soon realized remaking every scene two or three times would make everything take far longer. Now the choice will be left for the different endings.


I've done everything I can up at this point and I love the game though I'm a little disappointed in the big boobies ending since though they did get big only Haley go super big and I thought I made a mistake with the pregnancies so I went back and made sure I encouraged it as much as possible but still not much happened with it and I was expecting more Giant milky boobs.

Other than that small detail I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next update for this as well as Endowed.

My main goal for the broken watch branch was to focus on the tiddies, and pregnancy was mentioned at times but not a big focus. I wanted to make sure to leave enough for the main branch.


I liked the broken watch ending though it makes me wonder what more we could do with the watch but also I kinda wish we could have seen the other's get as big as Haily

When I finished it, I knew I'd be revisiting it at some point. Probably just a scene here and there, but no matter how big the girls get, someone will always come along and ask for more. Until then, there's this

Those were cool, I have to say Leah and her friend (I'm bad with names) are my two favorite so I was a little disappointed that they didn't get pregnant in that route because I feel being pregnant might give their growth a little boost and I even restarted the game and made sure to encourage pregnancy with the two of them

In the game Files , there is a file ,,Ending,, the images in there are not in the game , right ?

Most of those are for The Broken Watch Branch, which was the last several updates.


would it be out-landish to add a height alteration aspect too?

Realistically yes, the boobs and butt getting bigger was fat getting moved around. To grow bigger you would need to promote bone growth and from where would the material to grow bones even come from??? And actually when your bones do grow it is painful, puberty is kind of an awkward period and from medical journals and research I have read the most painful part about it is the bone growth experienced in growing taller. imagine going through that growth spurt in like one day it would be agonizingly painful not to mention the stretch marks and maybe broken skin..... Unless your talking about losing height then you would just lose bone density but grow weaker idk man i think it's the right call to keep it where it is, I mean in real life people get surgeries that require their bones getting broken and then having pieces of bone surgically attached at the shins to get an extra inch or more.

my thoughts on this stemmed from how the watch could convert pain into a feeling of pleasure, so maybe it could affect the parts of the brain that monitor bone growth and thus heigth


finally a believer in the Darth jar jar theory!!

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Is there a more detailed guide somewhere? I tried following the one the game links, but still missed optional girls. Things the guide said were supposed to happen just didn't, making me think I missed steps the guide doesn't tell you about.


I've been going over the walkthrough again over the past few months in an attempt to implement it directly into the game itself and found a few inconsistencies, especially as some things get changed and updated over time.

Still, if you remember or find any examples in particular, feel free to share them so I can try to fix it. Like what side girl or steps it missed.

ok the harem route need the prego update please and the other harem route of the broken part as well but maybe charecters forgiveness in it like when you do ashley mom you can get them back and the luren route maybe a harem were see the main b.


Bro dont tell me the three endings are all there will be  this VS is fire tell me we will be able to humble laura

theres more then 3 route i just did them all hopfuly the dev takes some of my advice 


Really witty dialogue! Very snappy and tight, skipping over unimportant, pointless filler that other games seem to include just to pad the wordcount. The MC has a fun personality, (described by one of the girls as "fake confidence" but more often he gets called an asshole in a mostly lovable way) and the girls each have distinct character. Also, the grammar is good, which is much appreciated. Delightfully comedic, and fun to just experience as a character story. The story respects the reader by avoiding most silly conveniences, and features some character growth. Writing 9/10

The renders are fair, but the faces really suffer from lack of variety and believably, leaving no one looking actually human. Without exception, every person looks like an immigrant from Uncanny Valley, or from the sketchbook of a manga fan who refuses to study any other type of art. The mouths are especially painful to look at, since every person has the same creepy, wormy mouth with a fat upper lip. Most of the beauty the women have is achieved through expression alone. However, the sets and backgrounds are high quality, and really add to the world, sprucing up the scenes. The characters sometimes change outfits (very surprising and welcome) and some of the dialogue actually points out how strange it is for someone to have on the same clothes they wore yesterday. Most animations are well-done. Visuals 6/10

For a breast expansion game, the breasts sure don't get very big, at least until completing one very narrow ending path. The largest is merely "large, but very realistic tits," instead of "fun megatits." As the girls get bigger, they are full of complaints about it as much as anything, and the game infuses a bit too much realism for this to feel like a silly fantasy, despite so many other elements of the story being nothing but silly, unrealistic fantasy. So, if you love titties but hate breast expansion, this is the breast expansion game for you. Wholly disappointing for the fans of massive titties, who by and large don't care that the growth was 8 cup sizes when the starting point was the character's bare ribs. For instance, a girl with moderately large boobs says she wants her tits to stop growing "while I can still fit through doorways without turning sideways and squeezing through one boob at a time." It's realistic and believable, sure, but that realism doesn't add even a little bit of eroticism or sexiness. Complaints ruin fun. Like this complaint I'm making. Not fun, is it? The sex scenes are well-done, but the efforts made to avoid most (not all) non-consensual acts includes the disgusting mood-killer of "I have to ask for consent for this," without the characters acknowledging how awkward, clumsy, and cowardly that is. Much of the sexuality is "boy and girl get horny and stumble through it cluelessly," which can be great, but also suffers from lack of variety. The game would earn bonus points for it being a genuinely good harem story, if that harem story weren't relegated to the final update only accessible through one of the many endings. Eroticism 5/10

I highly recommend this game for the story. If you don't care about story, I hope this review lets you know if this game is worth your time.


Thanks for the feedback!

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will there ever be any bimbofication content, or is that not planned? Like, degradation of intelligence, over time or all at once, as an example of what I mean.


Nothing planned currently. I had an idea for the option to turn one of the girls into a bimbo as a punishment, but it likely would have been more about changing personal identity than loss of intelligence.

I'm far more a fan of making characters hornier than making them dumber.


are you going to make a gallery?


It's definitely planned! But I've already spent too much time working on this next update so it'll have to wait until the future.


8 / 10 for me good job 


is there way to cut relationship on a girl?


The main 5 girls are built in, but the 10 side girls are optional.


Huuuh no sound... ?

Not till the audiobook comes out.


I'm sorry if this is annoying but I'd like to repeat a comment from Endowed I made - is there any chance ever of optional weight gain content? I really enjoyed your past work with it and would love to see it in either of these games.

like augmentation to the girls? :O


I do have plans for a small amount which will fit into individual character endings. The characters in mind are Charlotte in Endowed (already have a preview comic featuring it here) and Grace in Hypnosis.

So, kinda!


OOh really looking forward to grace weight gain


first of all you put out some really quality work. well done. seriously. but I really don't get creators at all. new content already takes ridiculous amounts of time to put out when your an indi dev. but so many are like " yeah let me split my time between three or four game so whichever one(s) i'm not working on can just sit idle for literally years and people can forget all about it and me." mad respect yo but seriously y'all be nuckin futs.



I've been working on the same game for almost 4 years straight, mostly for 12 hour days and 7 day weeks. Needed some breaks in there to keep my mind intact. Could have spent it playing video games, but felt like making a new one instead.

the game wont start/ help ;<

one year anniversary of v1.0.5

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