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Hey, is it just me or are Haley's freckles green? Not to criticize but I found that a bit odd.

In any case, love the game! You definitely grabbed me after Episode 8. Keep it up!

Hey , i can't install it on my phone (android)

Is there a route for leah by herself?

Not currently. There will be multiple endings where you can choose to end up with each girl individually down the road.

I'm big fan of breast-expansion content, but I noticed, that the tag does not work on

can someone explain why is that

Whats the difference in android ver 1 & 2?

The game itself is the same, but the apps are slightly different to accommodate different devices.

the references are to much. i love them

Great concept, lack of exposition  kinda brings it down for me.


Not too short, the girls are all hot, interesting story. Good work man! Keep it up.