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Endowed - Chapter Five

Endowed is a choice driven visual novel in which you play a protagonist inheriting a gentlemen's club after your uncle was killed.

The catch is that before you can own the place, you have to do one thing:
Get married.

Date a variety of girls on your path to finding "the one", all while uncovering who it was that killed your uncle and avoiding a similar fate.

Find help on your quest for love (or ass) with advice from your head of security, the DJ and your assistant Kassie.

Romance several characters, from your ex-girlfriend and her best friend to a flight attendant, a nice girl, your new roommate and your employees and coworkers. 

Who will you choose?


  • Thousands of images and hundreds of animations
  • A full soundtrack and sound effects 
  • Various optional relationship paths 
  • Multiple playable paths and in-game choices 
  • All-in-one download of all available chapters
  • Harem - you can have multiple relationships


  • Breast Expansion - the girls grow over time
  • Creampies - possibly leading to-
  • Pregnancy - already featured in the Going Home Ending with more to come
  • Lactation - both from pregnancy and other causes
  • Twins - if that's your thing
  • Choose how nice of a guy the Main Character really is

The game is free, with the latest updates available on Patreon first.

Donations are also appreciated!


StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(210 total ratings)
AuthorExpanding Universe Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, breast-expansion, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai, impregnation, NSFW, Porn, pregnancy, Romance
Average sessionA few hours
LinksPatreon, Homepage, Twitter


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Endowed Chapters 1-5 v0.3.8 PC 647 MB
Endowed Chapters 1-5 v0.3.8 Mac 612 MB
Endowed Chapters 1-5 v0.3.8 Android 631 MB

Development log


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Is there any more updates for this?

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Man I would love an update

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Is this dead? I love it and really hope not

i think the dev is mainly focusing on their other game

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Got an error. My guess is the variable is supposed to be "crysuckeddick"

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

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NameError: name 'crysuckedick' is not defined

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    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)

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NameError: name 'crysuckedick' is not defined



Endowed 0.3.8

Wed Feb 28 21:57:37 2024

Thanks! Will be fixed.

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is there a full reels 

So far i love the game, im at the choice to take the pill or "be safe" os there any guide on this game? Like a full on guide, normally my first play throughs on these games, i dont like to mess up, also just how many girls can be in said harem? All or just some?

Yep, there's a walkthrough guide linked on the front of my Patreon.
Glad you're enjoying it!


is this game still being updated? been over a year now. 


I'm assuming not. Hopefully I am wrong, and they just stopped using Itch as a platform.

the patreon is still active, guess they might have just moved off itch.io


Amazing game, love the story and art. Definitely looking forward to future chapters.

Much appreciated!


Really good so far. I trust your writing and will have no complaints whether it is a branching narrative or more linear. I really enjoy your work.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! Glad you're enjoying it.


played better there is literally no choices in this game all you do is read boring give more choices as to meeting random girls i would have preferred the blonde 

Thanks for the feedback, although I have to admit it leaves me a bit confused.

With my previous game there were a few complaints about too many choices because it made replaying the game difficult with so many to keep track of to get the intended results. 

So with Endowed I attempted to keep the choices more selective and meaningful. Some choices only affect dialogue, with every scene reflecting previous choices to react to the player's input. 

Each love interest is optional with one exception (although she will be optional in future updates), and many of the choices involve first establishing and later deepening (or not) those relationships. 

Other choices affect the style of the Main Character and how he interacts to the world, with a few more choices affecting the plot which splits into different main paths. This includes: 

  • How he manages the club and builds his reputation, ranging from honest and wholesome to shady and corrupt. 
  • Who he sides with going forward, that being with law enforcement or the crime syndicate.
  • How he treats the people in his life, with different groups he can interact with independently of each other.

Some of these plotlines are still in the early stages, so we don't see the results of those choices yet, but they are already being tracked and the groundwork is laid out.

One branch is already completed with 9 possible endings so far. Compared to other games I've played, this gives more customization, personalization and potential outcomes than many completed games, even though we're only 5 chapters in. 

Endowed currently has 131 choices, which puts the average around 26 per chapter. So I have to ask, how many choices were you expecting?

thanks I was talking about the girl you Sleep with you didn't give any choice weather you wanted her or not personally I wouldn't have slept with her specially at first meeting her  there's no choices to what girl you can pick to have relations with  I would have given a choice of Gabi or Charlotte  I would have picked Charlotte 

Charlotte will be an option going forward. Gabi was the one non-optional love interest for story purposes. Basically, the MC needed to learn what the pills do, and her scenes are there for that purpose. However, her content will be optional going forward.


Can you opt out of the growing breasts?

Between the dancers looking to get extra tips and my patron's input, no, not altogether. There will be different sizes for different endings, but they will always grow larger in the game.

Thanks for the answer. I know that the majority usually prefers bigger breasts, so I kinda expected this (and also because of the effort it would take to make all scenes with different sizes). 

I might still try it though.


Yeah, that's the other main reason. I attempted making visuals more customizable in my other game, but learned real fast making every scene twice (or more) was a logistical nightmare.

(2 edits)

Hello, I wanted to ask if the game is in Spanish, I hope you read my message, thank you.

And I'm a little confused I see other versions of the game which is the original or which is the full game

I see a version called Going home ending, I don't know which one is the complete one.

The game is in English, and the development logs are for previous updates, but the main download links contain the entire game.

I just wanted to double check but does Endowed also have breast expansion?

if yes is it already in the game or not yet?

if no to it's not in the game yet I'll wait till it is to play it

And if there is no Breast expansion in Endowed then I'll go ahead and play it now or still wait for the next update so please let me know the answers to these please

In the main game we're only starting to see it, but in the Going Home Ending (at the beginning of Chapter 5)it jumps in time, showing us how it works and what it will be like.

ok thank you for answering me, if it's not too much trouble could you answer my question on Hypnosis please


Games in this style engine are called what cause i love them


The game is created in Ren'Py, the graphic engine is Honey Select.


honey select thats whats it is thanks


hi have you resumed working on or are you still under hypnosis, because i love this game and i want to see the rest


Hi is there any chance of a pregnancy sence or babies making scene cause I was wondering that all?


Yep! In the Going Home update where you leave to go back home there are 9 different endings, several of which feature pregnancy with the MC's ex-girlfriend Kat and her best friend Allison. 


Is this game still being worked on? I really like both this and hypnosis so I'm excited for updates to either.


Hypnosis is more or less finished, and has been for a bit!!  I hope dev is working on this game; the story is better and the lack of an update in a while makes me hungry for more so to speak!!

we generally only get an update a year on this game give or take. so next update should be out in a few months


Is there no hope for a harem route? We're holding out with hope

(1 edit) (+4)

please add a galler

edit: my bad meant gallery (places where you can see the sex scenes).




Is there any chance of adding weight gain to this or hypnosis? I saw your WG comic at one point and adored it, and was really hoping for some optional weight gain in at least one of your major games


Ah, yes! 
That comic will end up in the game as an optional route for Charlotte's character. 


Really? Awesome!!


when is the next update for this game? Liking it so far


Dev is currently focusing on their other game Hypnosis so it probably won't be for a while.


Seriously how can you make a rule "don't f#$k the strippers"?


Some rules are meant to be broken


Interviewed Hannah, watched her dance, told her I'd get back to her. Didn't do anything else, she leaves, I get shit later from Kassie and Karen for hiring her for a bj. While I didn't follow the walkthrough (which needs to be updated) the story should still follow the choices. My only small gripe.


any femdom in this game and character name, please?

or dominating personality female character name 


Not really -  there are several strong willed females who speak their mind, with more to come, but most character interactions are more of a give-and-take than one sided.



Can someone explain what's the difference between vs. 1 and vs. 2 for android?

I'm assuming different download sources?


Loved the story and the characters were fun to talk to :)

One thing I would like:

Bit of Spoilers...

That the choices you make have more of an impact. Like the pills, even if you choose not to take it, nothing changes or if you could choose to stop taking them later on would be interesting for the MC and the female characters.


Nice story, love the ladies, fun to play. Continue making this please woo


What's the difference between the two android versions?

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LOL the first AVN I've ever played thats given the MC a small dick. Played a couple where they are average, but never SMALL like this. Dont know how to feel about this yet lol.


It's call Endowed for a reason XD


i really like this one, hypnosis great to but i do hope this gets more updates so far the story has ben really interesting


is this game dead now?   

Or will there be updates eventually?


I think he is concentrating on Hypnosis for the time being


0.3.3 is out on their Patreon. might come soon here..


I'm confused with which Android version I am meant to download since there are two of them. So which one should I download? 

any update coming for this game


keep up the great work

Is this Lesbian or what? I mean the tag is Lesbian but also Male Protagonist.


IIRC, that's for Kassie


Ah, so that's not for the MC.

Thanks for answering.

Is there any difference in Endowed Chapters 1-4 vs. 2.apk and  Endowed Chapters 1-4 vs. 1.apk

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