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Seriously how can you make a rule "don't f#$k the strippers"?

Some rules are meant to be broken


Interviewed Hannah, watched her dance, told her I'd get back to her. Didn't do anything else, she leaves, I get shit later from Kassie and Karen for hiring her for a bj. While I didn't follow the walkthrough (which needs to be updated) the story should still follow the choices. My only small gripe.


any femdom in this game and character name, please?

or dominating personality female character name 


Not really -  there are several strong willed females who speak their mind, with more to come, but most character interactions are more of a give-and-take than one sided.



Can someone explain what's the difference between vs. 1 and vs. 2 for android?

I'm assuming different download sources?


Loved the story and the characters were fun to talk to :)

One thing I would like:

Bit of Spoilers...

That the choices you make have more of an impact. Like the pills, even if you choose not to take it, nothing changes or if you could choose to stop taking them later on would be interesting for the MC and the female characters.


Nice story, love the ladies, fun to play. Continue making this please woo


What's the difference between the two android versions?

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LOL the first AVN I've ever played thats given the MC a small dick. Played a couple where they are average, but never SMALL like this. Dont know how to feel about this yet lol.


It's call Endowed for a reason XD


i really like this one, hypnosis great to but i do hope this gets more updates so far the story has ben really interesting


is this game dead now?   

Or will there be updates eventually?


I think he is concentrating on Hypnosis for the time being

0.3.3 is out on their Patreon. might come soon here..


I'm confused with which Android version I am meant to download since there are two of them. So which one should I download? 

any update coming for this game


keep up the great work

Is this Lesbian or what? I mean the tag is Lesbian but also Male Protagonist.


IIRC, that's for Kassie

Ah, so that's not for the MC.

Thanks for answering.

not letting me download the game it says something like app not installed (im on Android)

Is there any difference in Endowed Chapters 1-4 vs. 2.apk and  Endowed Chapters 1-4 vs. 1.apk


Any News?


The news is that this game is good.

Whens the next update going to be released

Is there going to be a walkthrough for this game as well or are the choices not as consequential?


Yes to both! There aren't a lot of crucial choices yet, but you can still find the walkthrough here

Hey Dev, it's been a while since the last release.... It seems developing Hypnosis is taking majority of your time...


Yep! As of now, my patrons are more interested in Hypnosis, so I'm giving it 2/3 of my time.
This month I will be working on Endowed to have the next update out for March.

Awesome, that's great news.... I'm looking forward to the development of both the games.....


Is there breast expansion like hypnosis?


Yep! Currently, it's only hinted at in the last scene of the game, but we will see more in the next update and it will become a major plot point.


Maybe adding the breast expansion tag then?
Or do you wait till it IS the major plot point and add it then? :)


What is the difference between version 1 and version 2 of the android download?


Both are the same game, but some devices will like one version better than the other. Version 1 usually tends to work the most often.


i played  hypnosis and i am sure you will not disapoint


Can't wait!